Hello, my friends. Yes, that’s Gary Barlow welcoming you to my page. Let’s get on with business. This is my first post in a while as I’ve recently been dealing with a hectic life, mainly relating to my postgraduate studies. So, I would like to start off with a bit of a refreshment piece for you and I, by exploring some of the new music that I’ve been listening to recently (plus, some self-indulgent musings.) Hopefully you’ll find something interesting in here and, if you like, you can stick around for the long haul.

I plan on writing at least once a week, however, this could be expected to increase randomly at any point. I will also be introducing a series’ of themed articles/projects which will run alongside standard pieces in my own attempts at experiment with different types of music writing. Now, what have I been listening to all this time?

For the most part, I am currently riding through a contemporary psychedelic rock trip, fuelled by my excruciating wait for the next Lonerism. Thankfully, psychedelia seems to be going through somewhat of a revival at the moment, recently celebrated by London based label Sonic Cathedral’s six-track compilation of modern psychedelic music, Psych for Sore Eyes 2. The EP isn’t exactly what I’m after (check out my review here) but it provides a snapshot of a style that seems to be becoming ever more abundant today.  Most of these bands draw heavily from sounds and philosophies of the 60’s, however, their experimental and boundary-pushing nature makes each band unique and worth listening to. I must also admit that my own musical endeavours have been involved in this resurgence, however, we are yet to attain the hype surrounding bands like Temples and Toy…

Expect to see features on these bands, and others, in the upcoming weeks.

Additionally, in my absence I’ve missed some news stories that shot right through the heart of my research interests. For example, did you know Coolio announced that he’d be releasing his next album exclusively through adult entertainment website PornHub? For those who haven’t read my About page (9/10 readers, I’m sure), my current research subject involves gender issues such as representations of masculinity and sexuality in music. So, this slightly ludicrous announcement fell right into my lap! In the interest of keeping this post short, I’ll keep the detailed thoughts for another time. However, expect opinions opinions opinions on this and related subjects very soon.

And now, goodbye. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my upcoming work. Please feel free to comment, argue or send recommendations my way as I aim to aggressively forward my work in music journalism. I very much appreciate your support and interest and hope to keep it going forward. Feel free to explore my archives, you may be intrigued by some of my summertime articles. And, most importantly, come back soon.




So... what do you think? Comment below!

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