Sonic Cathedral have released their second in an ‘occasional series‘  of compilation EP’s which provide short trips into the world of modern psychedelia. Psych for Sore Eyes 2 is much the same as the first, featuring six exclusive tracks from contemporary artists including Damaged Bug (side project of Thee Oh Sees’ John Dwyer), White Fence and Hills – pals of experimental rock outfit Goat.

Generally, these are bands emulating the sound of 60’s psychedelia with heavy reverbs, slow-burning jams and unusual effects – but without the sleek production of psychedelic contemporaries like Tame Impala. Morgan Delt’s Elastic Id opens the EP with an off-kilter and meditative ambience with acid-tinged loops and reversed vocals, while Prayer Meeting’s standout Black Echo (White Mountain) combines bright melodies and dreamy guitarwork to conclude the collection. Yet, somewhere in the middle, it drifts – too much – by lacking in something truly cutting-edge.

Psychic Ills’ mellow Come Around, shows potential, inciting garage rock sounds with a rough, Stooges style guitar riff. However, while there may be some cool sounds dotted around the rest of the musical landscape, there aren’t enough exciting new sounds to keep it interesting, for me.

You’ll find some tasty flourishes of psychedelia here – it’s just not spectacular.

David Jolly



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