Three weeks in and 2015 is shaping up to be a belter! In this column and those following, I’d like to highlight some bands readers may not have heard (yet), in an endeavour to share with you my love of fresh and interesting new music. Each of these musicians will, most certainly, be ones to look out for in the upcoming year. And, most of all, I bet you’d like them. With more on offer than ever before, I urge readers to support my featured artists, and others, in the hope that they can carry on creating the music we love so much.

First up are fellow Scots, Let Love Rule, who hail from our nation’s capital. Let Love Rule combine the beautiful, shoe gaze inspired vocal melodies of singer Mathew Rhind with resplendent, dreamy instrumentation provided by Lawrence Murray’s  spectacular guitar work, Tom Dallas’ melodic bass playing and Dave Hill’s always-emotive drumming.

They released their debut record, EP I, at the tail end of 2014 and have, since then, been playing in various venues around the country.

In their live shows, they excel in encapsulating a lush, atmospheric sound – and it’s big. Buckley-esque vocals intertwine with guitar and bass to create a rich wall of sound akin to bands like My Bloody Valentine and Deftones. Though, they have a certain warmth to their tone which invites the listener to relax, calmly into their pool of melodic bliss.


Perhaps the best thing about Let Love Rule is that they sound like such a tight-knit group of musicians; the four tracks featured on EP I  are consistently well layered and each member seems to know exactly how to compliment the meditative spirit captured by Rhind’s vocals.  For example, Murray’s playing is often light and ornamental, yet he has no problem leading the way, David Gilmour style, with a few crisp licks or arpeggios – when the music calls for it. Hill is perhaps responsible for much of the smooth dynamic shifts. Like Murray’s guitar, his playing is well articulated and fills out the sonic landscape well – he’s even silent at the right times!  On the other hand, Dallas isn’t afraid to keep busy with his bass playing, which is why I’ve got the bass on my new subwoofer turned UP right now! Just listen to the introduction of Drop the Rope for a taste of how well arranged these songs are.

Their stand out track is, probably, EP opener On the Shore, however I’d also like to point the reader towards closing track, Leave the Fog Outside. It begins with the familiar luscious tones – and, listening, I am perfectly satisfied with that – but after the three minute mark, as the band begin to show their excellent control of dynamics, they create a huge open space with bright drones and ambient synth, guitar and vocals – and then it gets heavy. The deep, sludgy guitar crushes the listener as Rhind gives a high pitched wail which is particular satisfying.

The reason I single out Leave the Fog Outside is that, after almost a whole EP of providing the listener with luscious, tranquil shoegazing, Let Love Rule surprise us with a crunching, twisted finale. They prove that, while they have spent their time, and ours, developing this great, bankable sound, they can seamlessly travel through new, exciting territory. And that’s why you should keep your eyes on these guys in 2015!

Check out Let Love Rule HERE.



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